Friday, 30 November 2012

PC Jeweller – Designers and Manufacturers of Most Enticing Diamond Necklaces

Someone has rightly said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. A captivating smile and a bewitching gleam can be seen on any woman’s face as soon as she comes across an elegantly designed diamond necklace. India’s renowned and preeminent jeweler, PC Jeweller acknowledges the fact and understands the vitality of resplendently designed jewelry in a girl’s life.  PCJ strives hard to design jewellery that come to life when worn by a lady. It enhances her beauty and makes her feel complete. In an endeavor to ease the shopping process PCJ has come up with an online shopping store where you can buy diamond necklace online.

Diamond Necklace
Diamond Necklace

Additionally, PCJ offers an enthralling and a charming diamond necklace collection both at its online shop and at the stores. These jewelry pieces are hand crafted to perfection by the craftsperson. It requires a high level of perseverance and endurance to come up with a perfect design. PCJ with its years of enriched experience and technical-know how about jewellery designing and manufacturing has developed exceptional designs all through these years. You can take a look at some extremely exclusive and magnificent diamond necklace sets and other jewellery online.

Diamond Necklaces
Diamond Necklace

The colossal collection also has some impressive Diamond Necklaces for wedding. You can also purchase other jewellery online including gold sets, bangles, earrings, rings, bracelets and mangalsutra for wedding. All this can be done with the comfort of your home and without going out to the store. Online shopping of jewellery helps in saving time so that you can use it more productively. Furthermore, for all those who would like to visit the showrooms, PCJ has presence in many major cities of India. Prompt service and utmost customer satisfaction are PCJ’s USP. It also follows a customer centric approach and strives to provide most innovative and unique designs to all its clients.

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bangles
Diamond Mangalutra

Diamond Mangalsutra


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Designer Diamond Mangalsutra - Stylish Exclusive Bridal Jewellery

According to Indian culture, jewelry and women are related inherently. Each and every woman, on her wedding day, dreams to adorn most exclusive and stylish bridal jewelry. She wishes to wear the traditional yet exclusive pieces from head to toe. These days, kundan work in the trend and most of the women love to wear Pasha instead of Maang pati. A bride attains a perfect look when she wears bangles, armlet, anklet, rings, necklace, bindi, kamar bandh, nose ring, etc.

Above all these embellishments, the Mangalsutra is a kind of necklace that symbolizes a married woman. Often given as a gift for a wedding, it is tied by the groom around her neck. Well, this is considered as a traditional ritual of Indian wedding ceremonies. However, every religion has its own customs as well as rituals. Still, the importance of Mangalsutra is same for all the religions.

Basically, traditional mangalsutra is made of black beads and gold. Depending on the region, the Mangalsutra may also be made with corals or diamonds. Moreover, women used to wear it for the good-will and long life of her husband. Now, even this notion has changed a lot, today, it is considered as more of style and status symbol. These days, you will find them in various styles, and designs. Married women love to flaunt their diamond mangalsutra all the time. Whatever the reason is, mangalsutra is still considered as one of most the essential jewels for married women

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Shop for Wedding Jewellery from the Comfort of your Home

Wedding season is just round the corner and along with it comes a baggage of worries and anxieties. Out of umpteen things to worry about, wedding jewellery top the list. It becomes difficult to choose which piece will look the best. Most of all, selecting bridal jewellery is a herculean task. Since it is an essential part of the bridal look, everyone is extremely cautious while deciding which one to wear. This is when PCJ comes as our savior with their colossal collation of exquisite and majestic wedding jewellerycollection.


Pioneers in designer jewellery and jewellery for wedding, PCJ’s online wedding jewellery shop offers a wide range of exclusive wedding jewellery. It ranges from cliquish diamond jewellery sets to aristocratic kundan sets along with admirable rings, bewitching bangles and dazzling earrings. It becomes extremely convenient to decide which piece would look best that too from the comfort of your home. One saves a lot of time and hassle of going out in the market as well. All you have to do is to log on to the website with your family and decide which jewellery piece you like the best for yourself.

One can also choose diamond jewellery from the huge range of elegant and ravishing sets. PCJ has also introduced gifts vouchers which can be gifted on weddings to your near and dear ones. Apart from new fangled designs, PCJ deals only in 100% Hallmark gold jewellery and certified diamond jewellery. PCJ always strives for delivering the best to all its customers and hence works in day in day out to come up with au courant designs that reflect exuberance and elegance. Most of these jewellery pieces are handcrafted for customer’s utmost satisfaction and gratification.


Special care is taken while preparing wedding jewellery. PCJ comprehends that bridal jewellery requires that enhanced concern and interest by the designer. Hence the entire wedding jewellery collection is intrinsically designed and crafted to bestow it a look which is unparalleled and unprecedented. PCJ is known to design such charming and alluring diamondjewellery for wedding which entices every one and augments the beauty of the bride. These enchanting jewellery pieces and numerous other designs are provided online for your contentment and convenience. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Shop for online Diwali Gifts from PCJ Most Entrusted Jeweller

It is that time of year again which connotes happiness, celebrations, exchanging gifts, festivities and a whole lot of love and care for our near and dear ones. The mere thought of seeing our loved ones smiling fills our heart with joy. However, at times it becomes difficult to decide which gift they would adore. This is where our trusted PC Jeweller plays a pivotal role. India’s preeminent jeweller is offering colossal gift options online. You can choose from an exhaustive range of Designer Jewellery 
that your wife would love to wear. These contemporary designs are
 loved by women of all ages since it enhances their beauteous looks all the more. Various other options are available in the gold jewellery section like alluring rings, enticing earrings, strikingly charming necklace sets or ravishing gold bangles.

These mesmerizing Diwali jewellery gifts are available online with distinctive PCJ Diwali Offers. It could be a gold pendent set for your sister or a diamond set for your mother, PCJ has made available all these exquisite and exclusive diamond jewellery online. Furthermore, most of us believe in gifting items which are worthy of giving as a gift and is remembered by the receiver all through his or her life. Gold coins are the most appropriate choice for such rejoiced occasions. It holds an unprecedented value attached to it and is reminisced by your friends and family for the rest of their lives. Since PCJ deals only in 100% hallmarked gold jewellery and certified diamond jewellery, hence one can be reassured about the optimum quality and culminating design.

Additionally one can find out about the PCJ Diwali offers at their outlets where they are giving Skoda cars, diamond jewellery and gold coins as free gifts to numerous shoppers.