Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Buy Rings online in India - WYS

Jewelry has been a perennial fashion and never out of style. Be it necklace, bracelets, earrings, or rings in India, women have had an everlasting urge to get themselves sparkled with these jewels. Many tend to mark a milestone with these rings as they score an important occasion like the wedding day or mother’s ring.  Some even look up to engraving a word, phrase or other written connections, on their ring, to prove its significance. 

 Johanna Diamond Gemstone Ring
Johanna Diamond Gemstone Ring
One can find different styles of rings that can be adorned to intensify their look and style statement. With time, women have come across a huge compilation of rings be it mid finger rings, stacked rings, dual metal rings, eternity bands or classic vintage rings; yet gold rings have been successful in pleasing the eyes of many. It is the beauty and purity of these jewelries that leaves its owner spell bound. 

Deciding on the design and patterns of the rings has always been a difficult task for women, but internet has made it easier than ever to get the best of both worlds at the comfort of our home. Many stores offer a ‘try at home’ service wherein the customer can physically try the jewelry they wish to buy and if they like it; they can order it on the spot.

                              The Charmian Ring
Nelma Diamond and Gemstone Ring

One can also consider buying rings online through various e-Commerce websites that offer an array of jewellery products. Virtual retail stores like WearYourShine.com and others provide a range in jewelry designs and have successfully gained popularity in the recent times. 

                           Seyla Diamond Ring
The Viveca Ring

They are most considered as well as easily accessible to buy rings online in India. India is the country that has always added to the love of jewels and gems. No wonder, the scale of growth in this industry has been on a steep rise.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Buy Gold Coins on WearYourShine.com

Archaic Indian society has always demonstrated love for gold and proven its significance simultaneously. Gold was and still is considered as a status symbol; adding pride and sporting a greater and above-all status to those that owned it. So, shine brilliant this month as you advance to a level superior while buying gold coins online in India. Follow your ancestors while you continue with the forever-portrayed Hindu culture while you buy gold coins through the E-commerce store – WearYourShine.com; your one-stop destination for gold and fine jewellery.

Gold Coins on WearYourShine
 Price Trends in Gold:

Gold rates change on a daily basis. There has always been a substantial change in the price trends. Lowest price rate today? Highest tomorrow! That’s exactly how this industry works. You never know, a small investment done today can be your roll-over prize tomorrow. Hit the jackpot at the right time and shop online for gold coins.

WYS – WearYourShine offers extensive gold coin collection:
To buy gold coins is now as easy as eating a piece of cake. Shop at the comfort of your home while you get to shop online on WearYourShine.com and get your product delivered to you at your doorstep.  Choose between Floral and Laxmi Ganesh design for your gold coin. Also, you can select from a variety of gold coin weights available online; from 1gm to 100 gm gold coin. WearYourShine offers meticulously crafted gold coins made out of the best and finest of the materials available. Get your hand on our exclusive gold coin collection here 
Gold Coins collection
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What’s in store for you? You can now buy gold coins and get upto 7% off on WearYourShine. Also, have a look at our gold coin jewellery collection available online on WearYourShine.com. Choose from Gold coins designer pendants and more. Shop online from the finest jewellery destination – WearYourShine!
Growing your love for gold
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Why should you buy gold coins? There is no specific reason as to why someone should buy gold coins online through E-commerce store. Yet, there are valid reasons to buy them. The first and foremost is the comfort; In today’s time – everyone looks out for comfort and ease, hence, shopping gold coins online and comparing it with other products to get the best of price match guarantee is now an easy option.

Another reason why you should invest in Gold coins is the simple pleasure of being a gold digger. Well, for all the reasons you have always been in love with the shine and glitters in life and you wish to collect it now. So, why not add another to your collection; for the love of gold.
The third and the best reason to buy gold coin is the trending low price rate of gold these days. With a surprising low-rate in gold; there is a substantial increase in the number of potential buyers. Get the best of both worlds with the best of the prices for your gold coins.

Buy Gold Coins Today
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To add to the list; Gold as an investment is healthy; it counts as your saving and helps you to save on your liquid money splurging-spree. While you invest in Gold; you certainly know that you are not at loss. While the prices might be low today, you would find yourself a jackpot the other day when you wish to sell your gold coins on the then listed price.

The best part of buying gold coins is its demand. For a seller, high prices are an added advantage while a buyer shall wait until the prices go low. So, buying gold coins at a lower price today can be quite an added bonus; you never know when there’s a price hike and you could be offered a higher price rate in the days to come while you sell your gold coins.

Gold Bars, Coins, Jewellery and More
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Happy Days are here; It’s always a season of festival in India and with a lot of fervor for gold in the past few days, it’s pretty sure that you would not want to miss a chance to get your hands on gold jewellery or gold coins for that matter. So, spend a little extra time online today while you get yourself the best of prices for the gold you buy.
Gifting is caring; Gold as a gift is always a precious present considered in India. Be it a simple birthday party, anniversary, festive occasion or any other significant function within the family, friends and/or relatives; gifting a gold coin will always help add to the charm of gifting. People really appreciate being gifted a gold coin as it proves your loyalty and love for the person (they believe). 

Floral Design Gold Coin by WYS
 WearYourShine offers an exquisite collection of gold coins online on its E-commerce store and you can surely gift a gold coin from WYS by shopping online. You can as well as ask the store to provide you a gift packaging for your jewellery or gold coin that you have ordered on WearYourShine and they will happily provide your product neatly gift wrapped and in time.

Shop online with WearYourShine to embrace the blend of remarkable service, happy price rates and meticulously crafted extensive collection of gold and jewellery altogether. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

PC Jeweller steps into E-commerce with WearYourShine

With the world stepping into the virtual world to get the best of luxuries at the click of a button, PC Jeweller decided to start with WearYourShine (WYS). The E-store helps to navigate between Diamond, Gold and Gemstone Jewellery. What’s in store for you? You can easily get online to compare from a massive and exquisite compilation of jewellery offered at WYS; shop online and get it delivered to you at the comfort of your home.
WYS Logo
Products offered at WearYourShine:

WearYourShine was started in 2014 with a goal to offer the best of E-commerce service available with respect to fine jewellery products and has lived to the mark, until today. You can happily choose from a wide range of products ranging from rings, earrings, pendants to Mangalsutras, necklaces, bracelets, gold coins  and more.

Diamond JewelleryDiamond Jewellery

The products are highly categorized for the ease of accessibility. You can also get a hand of Diamond Jewellery and Gemstone Jewellery  collection offered online. WearYourShine has recently started with its range of Designer Collection in collaboration with Aakanksha Rustagi, Dishi Somani and Vipin Rohilla. These collections comprise of designer crafter jewellery like rings, pendants, earrings, Mangalsutra and many more.

New Collection New Collection

WearYourShine has also introduced an all-new range of gold chains. Varying in different sizes, these gold chains can be easily topped with the collection of pendants offered online.
For those that wish to live under the gleam and shine can happily shop from the Plain Gold Jewellery collection

Service Offered at WearYourShine:

The services offered at WearYourShine speak of its meticulously crafted fine jewellery and the ongoing legacy. WYS offers 100% free shipping all across India. It also provides 30 – Day return and exchange service; just in case; there’s a need to do so. It offers bespoke designs and has an undeniable price match guarantee.

Diamond JewelleryWedding Collection

Choosing jewellery according to your face shape is also another attractive service offered at WearYourShine. You can have a jewellery makeover and choose the one that fits your face shape perfectly with no worries to look back.

Collections offered at WearYourShine:

Be it any occasion; WearYourShine has it all. Just in case you are looking for flower-shaped jewellery or heart-shaped earrings; enjoy feasting your eyes on our marvelous collections. WearYourShine comprises of a total of 19 sets of collections to buy from. From Navratna and Wedding to Le-Reve and Colour Candy – you can find everything all under one roof.

Gemstone JewelleryGemstone Jewellery

Shop online at the comfort of your home for the best deals in designer and flawlessly crafted jewellery shopping with WearYourShine – your one-stop destination for fine jewellery!