Monday, 30 September 2013

Diamond Jewellery Online – Designs That are Hard to Find elsewhere

For many centuries, diamond has always been the most worshipped and elegant gem associated with India. In fact, India is the first nation to introduce this most sought-after gemstone to the world. May be this is one of the reasons why even today fine diamond jewellery collection is sold in retail as well as online jewellery marts of India.

diamond bracelet collection

Due to a number of reasons, people who were once obsessed with designer gold jewellery are now turning their attention and admiration for diamond jewellery India. Globalization, urbanization, growth in salary and convenience in shopping are the four basic attributable factors behind the preference shift. And, with the festive season round the corner, diamond freaks are getting more than crazy for making these special occasions more memorable than ever by owning or gifting a beautiful diamond set!

diamond jewellery India

In this quest for shopping diamond jewellery online, we are putting every possible effort to provide maximum convenience to our customers through our online shopping facility. As we are in this business for decades and are considered undisputed leaders in diamond jewellery making, you are certainly going to find the perfect set of your dreams in our large diamond jewellery collection. At our online store you can take a good look at our diamond jewellery studio that is brimming with latest designer diamond jewellery, compare the prices, and make the purchase according to your budget and other preferences.

diamond jewellery collection

Deciding to buy your diamond jewellery from an online store is definitely a matchless idea. However, you do have to do your share of browsing and product searching to ensure that you are purchasing the item of your choice and don’t end up investing in something you would regret later on.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Latest Gold Jewellery Designs – For Impressing Your Loved Ones This Festive Season

Love for wearing and preserving jewellery for generations has always been a familiar phenomenon in India. From hundreds of years both the sexes of this ancient land are reported to adorn their beauty and prosperity by wearing amazing gold jewellery designs.

However, the gold jewellery designs kept changing according to the taste and preferences of the people belonging to a particular period. Jewellery designers in India are very much aware of this fact and are smartly keeping pace with the evolving demands by updating gold jewellery designs in India and creating the best pieces for snatching away a million hearts!

Among the reputed and selected jewellery brands of India, PC Jeweller is the mightiest of all the names that have been in this business for generations. At PC Jeweller, you will get a broad list of gold jewellery collection like heavy bridal sets, diamond studded rings, bangles, mangal sutras, nose pins and opulent trinkets in gold and other precious metals. And, keeping in mind the upcoming festive season, the brand has decided to impress its customers with yet more pleasing and stunning varieties you might have never dreamt of.

Considering our broad range and the gold jewellery set list, we believe that this year we have been successful in creating something for everyone. Hence, you can definitely afford to make Dhanteras, Diwali, Christmas and New Year special occasions for your loved ones. By getting something from our latest gold jewellery with colors, you can express your love and say all that you have wanted to say to the special woman or man of your life in a wonderful way.

And, the best thing about this is that we are not likely to charge an arm and a leg if your shop around at PCJ. During festive season we do offer discounts and special offers ensuring that you are able to buy relatively expensive jewellery at lesser price!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Attractive Diamond Jewellery Collection – For The Elegantly Fabulous Festival Chic

After Ganesh Chaturthi, we are truly into the festive season. With Navaratra, Diwali, Christmas and more, don’t you think that it’s time to gear up for the mood? And, the mood is not just about the sweets, meeting friends and relatives, but it’s about fashion! This festive season, you can add oomph to your personality and maintain an elite sense of style with diamond jewellery.

Diamond jewellery is something which have always been fashionable and in grand demand for its everlasting appeal. Whether you talk about diamond rings, diamond necklaces or diamond bangles, any piece of trinket that is studded with this gem needs no special introduction to its beauty, grace and grandeur because the shimmering stone shows it all! Diamond is forever, it stands for love, for royalty and passion. PC Jeweller has some of the hottest festival diamond jewellery collections, some of our favorite picks are:

Diamond Rings –

Contemporary diamond rings, both for men and women have been a huge trend these days and at PCJ, we have wide range of collection for both the sexes. One of the key features in our latest collection of diamond rings is that we bring you the best blend of traditional charm and nature inspired concepts, wrapped in 100% authenticity and smooth finish.

Diamond Bangles –

From the simple to highly striking patterns, we have a good range of beautifully crafted diamond bangles for you to choose from. Ask any women and they will let you know that our diamond bangles are the best choice for every occasion. Intricate designs and sharply defined structures make PCJ diamond bangles stand aloof of other brands. They ensure authenticity of the brand and ensure full satisfaction so that you confront the best of experience.

Diamond Necklaces –

Our new and trendy diamond necklaces are very fashionable and we do have classy to funky diamond necklaces suitable for every occasion and for every taste. Since, the bridal diamond necklace sets are gorgeously heavy and leave a royal impression, you can also try them out if you are planning to dress up opulently this festive season. Our diamond necklaces are truly exclusive and create a unique style-statement whenever and wherever it’s put on.

At PC Jeweller, we have something to suit every budget and to help you complete you most dreamt festive look. Browsing through our website will provide you with more information on the starting ranges as well as the most expensive pieces. Our range is designed to compliment a wide spectrum of looks and attires. So, whatever your festival style is, have fun and catch the attention of onlookers with us.

Shop today at PC Jeweller!!!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Dream of Every Bride – PCJ Bridal Jewellery

Wedding is a unique turning point in every individual’s life. And, when it comes to big fat Indian weddings, people aim to get done everything perfectly. For a fairy tale wedding, there are several things that you should plan, but the most important thing is definitely your wedding jewellery. You can’t afford to be a pretty Indian bride without bridal jewellery!

You want your guests to see one of the most memorable weddings in years and to tell you how stunning you look in your wedding attire and heavy trinkets adorning your aura. In general, there are three basic rules that you should cling to while selecting bridal jewellery sets. Firstly, the design and cut of your jewellery set should match beautifully with your traditional wedding dress. Secondly, the precious metal should be 100% authentic and last, but not the least, your jewellery set should be able to provide you profitable returns whenever you decide to sell it away.

PC Jeweller is your ‘jeweller for generations’. Here you can find a prodigious collection of bridal jewellery set with guaranteed authenticity. From to-die-for Couture Bridal jewellery to vintage rings, from handmade sets to contemporary bridal jewellery, a whole new world of glitz and glare awaits you at PCJ. We offer elegantly regal pieces of traditional jewellery trends inspired by the looks and personality of modern Indian women. Our collection consists of all kinds of heavy & gorgeous trinkets and other accessories that women can use to glam up their wedding day look to the max.

Just one or two days before your wedding day is definitely not the time to go for bridal jewellery shopping. You just can’t afford experimenting with different and unfamiliar style on the D’day, it can be an ultimate spoil sport! So, the wise idea would be to order your jewellery set at least a month prior to shopping your bridal dress. This will give you plenty of time to see the whole look together, wedding dress, shoes and of course the wedding jewellery set.

At PC Jeweller, you can order your bridal accessories in a completely hassle free way. With our online jewellery shopping facilities, you can watch different collections, learn about the details and place an order just at the click of the mouse. Just pick up the products you like and add them to your shopping list, enter your delivery & billing details and you’re set. All you need to do now is continue with other wedding day arrangements with a peaceful mind and wait for your package to be delivered at your doorstep. Online bridal jewellery shopping has never been so much fun! Why wait then? Just drop in and buy fashion forward bridal jewellery sets at great prices and achieve a style of your own – be the most attractive bride of all seasons!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jewels for Less buying jewellery on EMI a rewarding investment to be cherished

Jewels for less are assets that last for a lifetime. Most of the things that we invest in and that stands for luxury, tend to lose their appeal and functionality at some point in time. However, jewellery especially diamonds are an exception to the rule. Charm and value of these trinkets lasts forever. As a matter of fact, with passage of time jewellery acquires a more intrinsic value and is bound to stream more profit than what they cost. But its fashion-value can downfall by many fold, unless the piece is a rare collectible. 

Always consider to shop around a reputed jewellery brand that can provide you with authentic jewelsfor less. Although the price may vary depending on market trends and the intricacy of the craftsmanship, your preference should always be highest grade of metal. If your metal is pure, paying a little more will surely bring the benefits one day.

As the market adulates across its ups and downs, high grades of precious metal tend to retain higher value as compared to ordinary grades. Finest quality diamonds along with the purest precious metals are worth the maximum exchange. The rule is simple, the better the quality and design; the higher is the value.

PC Jeweller is a well-known brand in the Indian jewellery market that has been winning the hearts of its customers by offering timeless jewellery on EMI.  They deal in authentic gold, silver and diamond jewellery which makes a wise choice for healthy investment. The pieces are appealing not only for their authenticity, but also for their fashion-value. Professional artisans with immense grasp over the changing trends of fashion are behind the creation of every piece. No matter how long you plan to preserve them behind the strong locks of your treasury, PCJ jewellery will procure you more returns than they cost.

 As the rate of precious metals and stones skyrockets, so will the value of your investment. This makes investing in PCJ jewellery a lot like investing in an eternal deal. So, visit PC Jeweller today, shop for trinkets that are alluring, buy jewellery for less and sell high when opportunity arises!