Monday, 28 October 2013

How to Choose The Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring for Women

When it’s about asking your beloved about marriage, choosing the right diamond ring is very important. Presenting a ring as per her personality and liking will certainly take you a lot of homework and overwhelming search. However, if you choose the appropriate jewellery house, we are sure that it won’t take long before you discover something exactly complimenting her aura.

If you are ready to take the leap, we too are ready to support it with exactly what can help you or what you want. Frankly, taken for the designs and purity, only a PC Jeweller gold diamond engagement ring can do the trick for you. Although our expert professionals are there to help you go best about the selection process, you need to consider a few important things on your own. This will not only save you a lot of time, but will also help you make a checklist for making the right choice.

Buying the all important princes cut diamond engagement ring is also about your women’s personality and preferences. Try to ask her prior to shopping about her personal sense of style. Afterall, it is she who’ll be wearing the ring throughout her life once the wedding rituals are over. If you present simple diamond ring to a woman who is more of a Diva and thinks very highly of herself, you may simply miss the point. Similarly, if you choose an extravagant ring for a lady who loves wearing simple trinkets, it may never come out of her save as she would treat it more like an asset than a wearable.

Hence, do your homework today and step in at our showroom. Rest of the things can be taken care of by us. We will let you go through an elaborate list of diamond rings and then leave the main job for you to accomplish!!

Sunday, 20 October 2013

PC Jeweller Launches New Line of Diamond Rings to Welcome the Festive Season

PC Jeweller is one of the most renowned jewellery brands in India. They have been in the business for generations putting hard work, passion and great sense of imagination in their craftsmanship. The basic aim of the brand is to bring something new to the admirers of jewellery every season. Among other jewellery made of precious metals, authentic diamond rings created by this brand have cast a new artistic influence among the customers.

PC Jeweller deals in all types of diamond rings including diamond rings for engagement, marriage and daily wear. Some people prefer to wear designer diamond ring from India over the traditional ones. Hence, at PC Jeweller they offer several choices for the designer diamond ring lover. Designer diamond rings are made with the objective of claiming attention of the crowd. They make the wearer stand out because of the extraordinary design of the ring which doesn’t have a duplicate copy. This makes latest diamond rings from PCJ even more priceless & unique. Besides, each type of ring is very reasonably priced considering its cut, carat and the effort that goes into its workmanship.

Spokesperson at PC Jeweller talking to the media stated that “Our work is about creativity, about the love of labour and not for profit alone. Unlike other commercial jewellery brands, at PC Jeweller we focus on artistic expertise, authenticity and fine work rather than reaping revenue against anything offered. To welcome the festive season, we are going to launch some of the masterpieces in the diamond ring category. This year PC Jeweller is hoping to create unprecedented buzz among its customers by offering some of the stunning designs they have ever seen. In our latest collection both men and women will be able to choose classical pieces which they can wear everywhere with comfort, glamour and joy. As always, we are committed towards highlighting our reputation through 100% authentic and beautiful diamond rings.”

PC Jeweller provides 100% hallmarked jewellery and Certified Diamond jewellery, besides an alluring ambience to enhance the level of convenience and mood of its customers. One can find contemporary collections and spectacular styles invading all PCJ stores which have opened their doors to connoisseurs of exquisite jewellery throughout India. The brand has many showrooms across 8 states of India. PC Jeweller believes in staying updated with the fleeting jewellery trends and the fashion in the contemporary market.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dare to Flaunt it Big with Big Diamond Rings from PC Jeweller

Diamond rings are the most common trinket that is used both by men and women alike. And, considering this fact, there are many well-known brands that have been embellishing and enhancing the personality of their customers by offering diamond rings of various sizes and shapes.

However, when it comes to getting a diamond ring for a special occasion, there’s no better place than popular showrooms in India to do your diamond shopping according to your affordability. Renowned jewellery stores in India projects a lot of attention to designing, quality and price. You won’t be able to find any such great brands that give so much of importance to nourishing the three essential C’s of big diamond rings. If you are new to the three important C’s of diamond, then you better be informed than be plunged into an unprofitable deal someday.

Colour – Diamond in its natural avatar is colourless. But, nowadays diamonds are also available in many different shades like blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, purple, orange and red. Owing to the increasing demand among the diamond admirers to wear them in coloured forms have inspired the diamond manufacturers to produce coloured diamonds. These diamonds are artificially coloured by adding a bit if impurities like boron, nitrogen and copper. They are comparatively cheaper than pure diamonds.

Cut – Although diamond is a great reflector of light, it derives its stringent ability to glitter and dazzle only after receiving proper cut at proper angles. A good quality diamond is one which is given the best of cuts by expert hands. The finishing has to be so relevant that the diamond becomes enough angular to disperse maximum amount of light rays. In case it is found that the light is not reflecting back, rather is passing through to the other end or on all sides, the cutting undertaken is not proper thereby reducing the quality of the diamond and the diamond ring’s price in India and abroad.

Caret – It refers to the weight or unit of measurement used for diamonds and other gem stones. The higher is the carat the purer and costlier is the diamond. For diamond rings, it is seen that men prefer to wear bigger diamond rings as compared to women and it does suit well on their fingers.

So, this festive season, how about choosing something more special, more defined, and more glamorous from reliable jewellery store? How about mesmerizing her with great surprise – off course, we are talking about DIAMOND RINGS!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Real Diamond Rings – Nothing Else can Match its Grandeur & Charm

We are sure you are already acquainted with the slogan “A diamond is forever”. For people who have always loved to adorn their personality by wearing a diamond ring, its everlasting appeal and grandeur is like blessings from the god’s of happiness.

For centuries, real diamond rings have been designed in a variety of ways based on the popular demands of that time. At PC jewelers, we are aware of the changing trends and our stocks have always captivated the minds of diamond lovers under all age groups. Our beautiful diamond rings can be categorized as engagement rings, wedding rings, solitaires and designer rings. Items under each of these categories are not just a band and a collection of inlaid stones; PCJ diamond rings have more to it. We have classified our rings in noticeable categories so that they display their own significance, meaning, authenticity and purpose without any introduction. In short, the designs are so thoughtfully conceived that our real diamond rings speak for themselves.

For example, diamond rings meant for engagement are designed with romance as the basic theme. They are knot-shaped, heart-shaped and florals and are perfect enough to indicate love and affection towards one another. While, the solitaires are diamond rings that bear a strong band of precious metal inlaid with a single big diamond. These types of rings are best for men and they are perfect trinkets for accomplishing an engagement ceremony or for proposing love.

PCJ designs of diamond rings depict exactly what they were meant to confer. They look gorgeous and elegant signifying 100% authenticity. So, this festive season, make sure that you drop in at our showroom and surprise yourself and your loved ones by gifting a beautiful diamond ring.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

PC Jeweller – One of The Most Trusted Online Jewellery Store in India

No matter what the product is, nowadays, customer convenience comes first on the list. For offering a user-friendly platform every product is required to make available for online purchase. Like any other commodity, jewellery has been made available by many well-known brands for online shopping. 

Online jewellery store India

When it comes to online jewellery shopping, there are only a few reliable brands in India that are entertaining the need of their customers through online as well as retail selling. The concept of online shopping is very new to the Indian patrons and very few customers are coming forward to reap the benefits of online shopping by shedding off the burden of insecurity and doubts. And, the scepticism gets even louder when you are to invest a huge sum of money for purchasing jewellery online. This is why there are only a few reliable online jewellery stores in India.

Online jewellery store retail

Whether you are interested in purchasing gorgeous diamond jewellery or designer gold jewellery, we are one of the best jewellery retail shops online. At PC Jeweller, you can find a good and generous collection of contemporary jewellery. We extend a unique assortment of trinkets which authenticity, price, weight and design can be compared easily just at the click of the mouse. 

Online jewellery store with payment plan

The best part about shopping from PC Jeweler online jewellery store in retail is that they are well-known online jewellery store with payment plan and believes in providing great ease to jewellery shoppers. All that they need to do is just log into our site check what all we have to offer!

Jewellery retail shop online

Where retail shops or moving out in market takes a lot of time and energy of the shoppers, we have taken an initiative to make things simpler for the admirers of jewellery.