Monday, 30 July 2012

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan the bond of love with PC Jeweller

Raksha Bandhan is the time to celebrate the exceptional bond with your sister. Bring the priceless smile on her face by gifting her eternal and everlasting jewellery gifts from PCJ that she can treasure in her jewellery box.

The unchanging qualities of the metal reflect the unconditional bond shared between a brother and sister. Gold and diamond jewellery is the most unique way to express your sincere care and love towards your sister and even diamonds are girl’s best friends. Diamonds brightness highlights the brilliance of precious stones, accentuating traditional designs for the special opportunity that you get to let her know that you care. Because of its eternal nature and innate strength, precious stones are held firmly and securely for a lifetime.

From beautiful pendants to elegant necklaces, inspired by floral, timeless, royal and Indian motifs jewellery pays homage to the strength that comes with being a woman. Its enduring nature ensures that your most precious diamond jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation, as heirlooms. PCJ even offers you JFL scheme, a scheme that is a good investment with small amounts at small intervals can be further gifted to sisters. PCJ Gift coupons range starting from Rs. 5000 onwards is also a good idea for gifting. So now you don’t have to worry if you can’t spend big amount at a time your love for your sister won’t be less.

For online customers if you are away from your sister then your are just a click away from her as PCJ has introduced scheme where if you purchase of Diamond Jewellery Rs.30000 and get a 1 gram gold coin free on or more and half gram gold coin free on purchase of Gold Jewellery Rs.50000/ or more.

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