Sunday, 12 May 2013

Celebrate the Festival of Prosperity – Akshaya Tritiya with PC Jeweller this Year

Celebrate the Festival of Prosperity – Akshaya Tritiya with PCJ

Akshaya Tritiya or Akha Teej is one of the most significant and meaningful festivals of Hindu calendar. It is observed once a year in the month of May according to English calendar and marks the advent of enduring and eternal prosperity, success and happiness. This time is considered to be most auspicious for initiating new endeavors which are believed to flourish and progress continuously. The day is said to bring blessings from Lord Ganesha – the God of wisdom and obstacle removal and from God Kuber, the custodian of all the wealth and property in the world along with Goddess Lakshmi. 

PCJ Offers for AkshayaTritiya 2013 :-
This Akshaya Tritiya, Usher in Prosperity with PCJ! Bring home a PCJ Jewellery, Bring home Prosperity! Embark on an auspicious new beginning, this Akshaya Tritiya with PCJ!
* 0.5 gm Gold Coin FREE on purchase of Rs. 60,000/- Gold Jewellery.
* 1 gm Gold Coin FREE on purchase of Rs. 30,000/- Diamond Jewellery.

The custom of purchasing gold on this day comes from a legend that concludes gold being the purest emotion of creation and God produces imperishable results. Buying gold or any form of it like gold jewelry or ornaments is considered to be fortunate, favorable and lucky. This comes from a universal belief that golf symbolizes prosperity and opulence of that civilization. It is believed that buying gold ornaments or jewelry on Akshay Tritiya augments wealth in the homes when worshiped with Goddess Lakshmi since a divine law states that, “wearing gold attracts gold”. 

PC Jeweller, your own ‘Jeweller for Generations’ hence celebrates this day with full enthusiasm and zest with all its customers and offers great discounts on gold ornaments and jewelry. Be it a pair of gold bangles, ring, earrings, pendant set or any other ornament, one can find some dazzling and magnificent designs. These great offers are valid on all 35 showrooms all across the country and are a delight for gold shoppers. All the designs are skillfully chosen and stunningly designed by proficient designers. PC Jeweller, pioneers in diamond and gold jewelry strive hard for maximum customer satisfaction and more so for this occasion since it holds religious importance for all the esteemed customers.


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