Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Dare to Flaunt it Big with Big Diamond Rings from PC Jeweller

Diamond rings are the most common trinket that is used both by men and women alike. And, considering this fact, there are many well-known brands that have been embellishing and enhancing the personality of their customers by offering diamond rings of various sizes and shapes.

However, when it comes to getting a diamond ring for a special occasion, there’s no better place than popular showrooms in India to do your diamond shopping according to your affordability. Renowned jewellery stores in India projects a lot of attention to designing, quality and price. You won’t be able to find any such great brands that give so much of importance to nourishing the three essential C’s of big diamond rings. If you are new to the three important C’s of diamond, then you better be informed than be plunged into an unprofitable deal someday.

Colour – Diamond in its natural avatar is colourless. But, nowadays diamonds are also available in many different shades like blue, yellow, pink, green, brown, purple, orange and red. Owing to the increasing demand among the diamond admirers to wear them in coloured forms have inspired the diamond manufacturers to produce coloured diamonds. These diamonds are artificially coloured by adding a bit if impurities like boron, nitrogen and copper. They are comparatively cheaper than pure diamonds.

Cut – Although diamond is a great reflector of light, it derives its stringent ability to glitter and dazzle only after receiving proper cut at proper angles. A good quality diamond is one which is given the best of cuts by expert hands. The finishing has to be so relevant that the diamond becomes enough angular to disperse maximum amount of light rays. In case it is found that the light is not reflecting back, rather is passing through to the other end or on all sides, the cutting undertaken is not proper thereby reducing the quality of the diamond and the diamond ring’s price in India and abroad.

Caret – It refers to the weight or unit of measurement used for diamonds and other gem stones. The higher is the carat the purer and costlier is the diamond. For diamond rings, it is seen that men prefer to wear bigger diamond rings as compared to women and it does suit well on their fingers.

So, this festive season, how about choosing something more special, more defined, and more glamorous from reliable jewellery store? How about mesmerizing her with great surprise – off course, we are talking about DIAMOND RINGS!

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