Sunday, 20 October 2013

PC Jeweller Launches New Line of Diamond Rings to Welcome the Festive Season

PC Jeweller is one of the most renowned jewellery brands in India. They have been in the business for generations putting hard work, passion and great sense of imagination in their craftsmanship. The basic aim of the brand is to bring something new to the admirers of jewellery every season. Among other jewellery made of precious metals, authentic diamond rings created by this brand have cast a new artistic influence among the customers.

PC Jeweller deals in all types of diamond rings including diamond rings for engagement, marriage and daily wear. Some people prefer to wear designer diamond ring from India over the traditional ones. Hence, at PC Jeweller they offer several choices for the designer diamond ring lover. Designer diamond rings are made with the objective of claiming attention of the crowd. They make the wearer stand out because of the extraordinary design of the ring which doesn’t have a duplicate copy. This makes latest diamond rings from PCJ even more priceless & unique. Besides, each type of ring is very reasonably priced considering its cut, carat and the effort that goes into its workmanship.

Spokesperson at PC Jeweller talking to the media stated that “Our work is about creativity, about the love of labour and not for profit alone. Unlike other commercial jewellery brands, at PC Jeweller we focus on artistic expertise, authenticity and fine work rather than reaping revenue against anything offered. To welcome the festive season, we are going to launch some of the masterpieces in the diamond ring category. This year PC Jeweller is hoping to create unprecedented buzz among its customers by offering some of the stunning designs they have ever seen. In our latest collection both men and women will be able to choose classical pieces which they can wear everywhere with comfort, glamour and joy. As always, we are committed towards highlighting our reputation through 100% authentic and beautiful diamond rings.”

PC Jeweller provides 100% hallmarked jewellery and Certified Diamond jewellery, besides an alluring ambience to enhance the level of convenience and mood of its customers. One can find contemporary collections and spectacular styles invading all PCJ stores which have opened their doors to connoisseurs of exquisite jewellery throughout India. The brand has many showrooms across 8 states of India. PC Jeweller believes in staying updated with the fleeting jewellery trends and the fashion in the contemporary market.


  1. What a collection of beautiful rings, crating a buzz in market in festival season is not easy, especially when everyone is looking to lure the customer in festive season. The right strategy with right product can lead a brand to new heights, these diamond rings gotta do the same.

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